Top 5 Reasons to visit Prince Edward Island

What’s the appeal of this Canadian province?  It’s small, but mighty with lots to offer visitors. You can base in one spot for a few days and tour, or move around the island. It’s also easy to combine with New Brunswick and/or Nova Scotia if you want to explore more of the maritimes.  Read on for our top 5 reasons to visit Prince Edward Island.


1 - Beaches

Prince Edward Island has approximately 500 miles of the warmest beaches north of the Carolinas.  Yep, you read that right.  Warm beaches in Canada. The shallow water allows the temperature to rise.  There are a number of wonderful beaches, some are sandy, some have red cliffs and Basin Head Beach even has Singing Sands.


2- Golf

There are lots of great golf options here, you could come for a few days and do nothing but golf.  Courses of note include Links at Crowbush Cove, Dunderave and Brudenell River.


3 - Outdoor Activities

So. Many. Options.  First up there’s Prince Edward Island National Park, which has some lovely trails.  Or the Confederation Trail, perfect for hikers and cyclists, it’s a 270 mile trail that runs from tip to tip across the island. More options include canoeing, kayaking, clam digging, fishing, and so many more.  The easier way to do this - let us know what activities you enjoy and we’ll take it from there!


4 - Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery is from PEI, and her famous novel was set there as well. Come here and explore the land that capitated Anne. For the real fanatics, there are Anne-related attractions for you to enjoy all over Prince Edward Island


5 - Culinary

It’s more than potatoes and lobster (although you’ll definitely have those here). PEI is home to great restaurants and has some fun food related festivals too.  For those who like their local tastes in liquid form, there are several breweries, wineries and distilleries on the island.

Katie FravelComment