Whiskey Distilleries to Visit in Dublin

You can’t come to Ireland and not taste a bit of "uisce beatha" (ishka baa-ha, meaning the water of life) aka whiskey. Since most visitors to Ireland either start or end in Dublin, it’s the perfect place to work in some tours and tastings. Bonus - the city is very walkable and cabs are easy to catch so you can keep on “tasting” all the triple distilled goodness without worry.  Grab your glass and read on to learn about some of our favorite stops!

Jameson Distillery Bow Street

They don’t make the whiskey here at their Dublin location anymore (that happens in Midleton now), but you can still enjoy a tour at the original. It was opened in 1780 and they offer a variety of top notch tour experiences to learn about the process and of course taste the goods. If you are looking to get in on the action try one of their masterclasses.

Teeling Distillery

The Teeling family has a history of whiskey making, but this distillery is a newer addition to the city, opening in 2015, making it the first distillery to open in Dublin in over 125 years. Located in the Golden Triangle, they are leading the way in a new generation of distillers. It’s a great stop while you are in the city, in fact the cocktail they serve on the tour is a personal favorite of North & Leisure.

Jameson Distillery, Dublin, Ireland

Jameson Distillery, Dublin, Ireland

Pearse Lyons, Distillery, Dublin, Ireland

Pearse Lyons, Distillery, Dublin, Ireland

Teeling Distillery, Dublin, Ireland

Teeling Distillery, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Liberties

Named after the area it’s in, they’ve got stories to tell and whiskey to serve. It’s a new  distillery in the city and here you will learn all about the history and mayhem from the Liberties, and of course, have a drink

Pearce Lyons Distillery

Based in restored St. James Church, it’s not just about the whiskey at Pearce Lyons. Discover the culture and 800 years of history of St. James with a storyteller. It’s a fun and unique experience to taste their craft Irish whiskey inside of a gorgeous church.

Roe & Co Distillery

Based in the former Power House of Guinness Brewery, this is another new addition to the city solidifying the resurgence of the whiskey business in Ireland. Explore the space, and get hands on during the tour and end with a tasty cocktail.

There’s so many tasty options all over Ireland. If you are ready to plan your custom Irish vacation, including some whiskey stops, let’s get started!

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