Independent traveler looking for guidance?

You've come to the right place. Here at North & Leisure our main gig is working with travel agents creating custom travel itineraries. But we recognize that travel is not one size fits all, and wanted to provide a solution for those that want to make their own travel arrangements, but would like a little professional guidance.  

When it comes to researching your own trip, it can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole of the internet. Reviews, booking sites, advice from friends - you get it from all directions.  Let us help.  We write up itineraries all the live long day, and planning trips to Ireland and Atlantic Canada is pretty much our jam. 

Our itinerary planning service is simple.  For a nominal fee of $250, we'll send you an itinerary complete with daily sightseeing suggestions, based on the info you provide. You get one round of revision, where you can give us feedback on what you like or don't like, and we'll send an updated itinerary.  Then you take it from there.  

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