Why should I work with you?

I’ve been in the travel industry full time for 10 years now, and I’m coming up on the 5 year mark running my own travel business. I’m not a traditional travel agent. I’m a tour operator and until recently all of my clients were travel agents. That means amazing agents all over the US (and some Mexico and Canada) use me to create custom itineraries on behalf of their clients. Travel agents rely on referrals to grow their business. Which means, they will only work with someone they absolutely trust to create an amazing experience for their clients.

I’m the person they count on to make their clients happy. Imagine what I can do for you.

There’s a reason I have a short list of destinations I book. I don’t want to be good at booking worldwide. I want to be the best at a few places that I love.  Additional, I have extensive relationships, rate contracts and vendor connections - all of which will mean a better experience for you.

How much is your planning fee?

My standard fee is $350 per couple or family. This can vary based on complexity, number of travelers and time frame. Basically if what you need is very complicated and/or a super last minute, I’ll have to charge a higher fee. But I'll always advise you of that in advance.

Why do you charge a planning fee?

The fee is cover time spent  in consultation, research, itinerary creation, booking and management. It also ensures I am compensated for my time and expertise, should you decide not to book with me later.

Custom work takes time. When I work on your itinerary, it will save you hours and hours. Not only that, you get to benefit from my years of experience, and relationships.

What do you book?

Essentially, I take care of everything except for your flights (though I can advise which airport to fly in/out of for each destination, based on your trip request).  So if we work together, you have to be cool with booking your own airfare.

I’ll handle your land arrangements, such as accommodations, rental car or driver guide, and additional activities or special experiences.

In terms of  accommodation, I work with 3 star all the way up to the most luxury 5 stars. We have a pretty broad range of types of places, city hotels, boutique properties, country houses, resorts, castles, and more.

I also love arranging special experiences. Wondering what that means? It can be an evening with an Irish storyteller;  private whiskey tastings; a guided kayaking/camping experience; specialty food tours; guided hikes; jewelry or craft workshops and more.  This is why I encourage you to be as detailed as possible on the trip questionnaire and our initial call. That more I know about you, the more opportunity there is for me to recommend unique experiences for you.

How do I quietly stalk you for awhile before I reach out?

I get it, this is a lot of info and it’s a big decision. Or maybe you just aren’t in full on trip planning mode yet. In any case, there’s 2 ways great ways to get to know me and my business.

One is to get onto my email list, you can sign up below. Don’t worry, I promise they do not read as if you are getting something from Spam McMarket, covered in banners and buttons. It’s all my insider info about the places I book, so you’ll get a feel for what type of travel I book and see if it strikes your fancy.

The next way is to find me on Instagram, @northandleisure - you’ll see pictures of places I book along with travel info in the feed (see most recent posts below)

Then to realllyyyy get to know me, watch my insta stories. I’m on there all the time talking about work or life. Every Tuesday I do a travel tip, so those are fun too :)