What we book:


We'll handle accommodations, rental car or driver guide, and additional activities or special experiences. We don't book airfare, but once you get them there, we've got you covered.  

For accommodation, we work with 3 star all the way up to the most luxury 5 stars. We have a pretty broad range of types of places, city hotels, boutique properties, country houses, resorts, castles, and more. 

We're also happy to arrange any special experiences (more on that below)

We want to support and empower you as you sell the destinations we love. We believe the role of a supplier is to make your life easier. By creating full, detailed proposals tailored to your client.  

You'll never get something from us that read like a list with a price at the end. You know what I'm talking about. When you get a quote with zero context, leaving you holding the bag to explain to your client what they can actually see and do each day. 




Take a dreamy vacation to Ireland (we do all of Ireland, including Northern Ireland) Lush green landscapes. Castles. Rich history. Coastal views. Farm to table food.  Distilleries. It's the perfect place for a European vacation.


Atlantic Canada

Escape to Atlantic Canada (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). Hiking trails. Beautiful beaches. Lobster dinners. Rugged charm. Natural wonders. It's great value and incredible experiences.


FAQ from GTM

Can you do private shore excursions?

Absolutely!  Everything I do is customized and it is the same for shore excursions. We would work together to create the best opportunity for the travelers based on what they are looking to experience. It’s as easy as that!

Need a pre or post stay? I can help with that too.

Can you help with unique experiences?

This is where I shine. I have a lot of local connections that allow me to offer unique experiences to travelers. Some examples:

  • Camping in Nova Scotia
  • Exclusive access to Ireland's most haunted house, explore with a paranormal team
  • Private boat charter from Northern Ireland to Islay for a day trip to taste scotch
  • Tribal drumming session with a Celtic Shaman
  • Jewelry making workshops (or all types of artists for that matter)

And of course I can do all sorts of fun stuff that's more commonly asked for, like guided hiking or kayaking experiences, private whiskey tastings, food tours, etc.

I'm always working on adding to this list. The best way to stay in the loop? Hop onto my email list, that's where I talk about cool stuff to do in my destinations.

How do I get paid?

I automatically build in 12% commission when I send out proposals. Want me to adjust it? Just let me know.  Prefer net? Sure thing.

Commission checks are mailed out shortly after client travel. Easy.

I have the process detailed on this page

How does it work?

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