We make life easy for travelers and travel professionals by creating custom itineraries from our curated collection of vetted accommodations, rental cars, guides, and unique experiences (the type you don't know to ask for)

Where will you go?



Take a dreamy vacation to Ireland (we do all of Ireland, including Northern Ireland) Lush green landscapes. Castles. Rich history. Coastal views. Farm to table food. Authentic experiences. Distilleries. It's the perfect place for a European vacation.



Getaway from it all in Scotland. Rugged countryside. Whisky tastings. Search for Nessie. Ancient history. Gorgeous highlands. Vibrant culture. Scotland makes for a dreamy vacation all on it's own or combined with Ireland.


Atlantic Canada

Escape to Atlantic Canada (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). Hiking trails. Beautiful beaches. Lobster dinners. Rugged charm. Natural wonders. It's great value and incredible experiences.

We get to know you. Plan a trip around you. Then book and manage that trip for you.


Hi, I'm Kate

I am North & Leisure. I still handle 100% of the trip planning. Creating your itinerary is my favorite part. The ultimate puzzle. It's more than choosing hotels and activities. It's reading between the lines and suggesting unique experiences. It's about the things that you don't know to ask for.