Here's the deal.

You need a travel advisor. If you don't have one, just reach out below and we'll send you some recommendations for some amazing agents.

If you are new to using a travel advisor, let us be the ones to change your life.

Read on to see why work with TA's, and why you should too.

Why N&L works with Travel Advisors:

-The combination of advisor and tour operator is magic. We're an expert in our destinations. An advisor will be an expert on YOU. With our powers combined, you'll have an incredible travel experience.

-We're a small company, and this model allows us to maximize our time. That means better results for you, because we can focus on what we do best.

-TA's fill in areas that N&L doesn't handle. For example, an advisor can help you with airfare, travel insurance, and assist with booking other destinations if, for example, you plan to head to another country after your Ireland trip.

-We believe strongly in the importance of the human side of the travel industry. So we're happy and grateful to partner up with amazing travel advisors.

-Because it's more people coming together to create the best possible trip for you? How amazing is that.

Why you should use a Travel Advisor:

-They'll give you advice based on YOU. There is a ton of info out there. Sifting through everything trying to discern what's real and most importantly what even applies to you, is exhausting. TA's will create trips around you and all their advise will be with you in mind. Save time + personalized experience = win.

-You'll get comprehensive trip guidance that just isn't possible with online booking sites. Not sure if you believe it? Try typing "10 day Ireland vacation for a family of 4, prefer suites to set up extra beds but if not interconnection rooms will be ok, travel window 2 weeks in Sept, and want a mix of countryside and city stays" into Expedia. 

-Special amenities and preferential treatment. Many TA's are members of organizations that arrange extra amenities at partnering properties. But even if that doesn't apply to your trip, we'll let you in on a secret. Hotels will show preference to bookings coming from travel professionals. It's because we're sending more business, so we're viewed as preferred customers. So you get the benefits of our relationships.

Want help finding a great advisor?

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