We make life easy for travelers and travel professionals by creating custom itineraries from our curated collection of vetted accommodations, rental cars, guides, and unique experiences (the type you don't know to ask for)

Where do we book?



Take a dreamy vacation to Ireland (we do all of Ireland, including Northern Ireland) Lush green landscapes. Castles. Rich history. Coastal views. Farm to table food. Authentic experiences. Distilleries. It's the perfect place for a European vacation.



Getaway from it all in Scotland. Rugged countryside. Whisky tastings. Search for Nessie. Ancient history. Gorgeous highlands. Vibrant culture. Scotland makes for a dreamy vacation all on it's own or combined with Ireland.


Atlantic Canada

Escape to Atlantic Canada (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). Hiking trails. Beautiful beaches. Lobster dinners. Rugged charm. Natural wonders. It's great value and incredible experiences.

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What do I book?


I'll handle accommodations, rental car or driver guide, and additional activities or special experiences. We don't book airfare, but once you get them there, we're got you covered.  

For accommodation, we work with 3 star all the way up to the most luxury 5 stars. We have a pretty broad range of types of places, city hotels, boutique properties, country houses, resorts, castles, and more. 

I specialize in unique experiences. Things like:

  • Camping in Nova Scotia

  • Exclusive access to Ireland's most haunted house, explore with a paranormal team

  • Private boat charter from Northern Ireland to Islay for a day trip to taste scotch

  • Tribal drumming session with a Celtic Shaman

  • Jewelry making workshops (or all types of artists for that matter)

And of course all sorts of fun stuff that's more commonly asked for, like guided hiking or kayaking experiences, private whiskey tastings, food tours, etc.

Minimum budget requirements:

$6000 for a week in Ireland

$3000 for a week in Atlantic Canada

Not including airfare. Have a trip you think we should partner together on, that doesn't meet that budget? Convince me :)

These are the minimums. That means we can of course do very high end, luxury trips for your clients. Think 5-star properties, private guides, exclusive experience


How does it work?


You fill out the Plan A Trip form. 

We'll review to see if it's a good fit and ask any clarifying questions.

Once we have all the info we need, we'll create a proposal for you. Here's a sample of what that looks like.

*at times, we'll do an outline first for your client to approve to make sure we're on the right track before doing a full proposal. For last minute trips, we work off of an outline itinerary until payment is received.

You review with your client and send me feedback. I'll make any changes needed.

When they are ready to book, I'll email an invoice. Standard payment policy is 25% to book, and balance due 60 days out. 

At 30 days prior to travel, I'll upload all of their docs into their itinerary.

Commission is sent out after client travel. At the beginning of each month, checks from trips that finished the previous month will go out. 

**I automatically build in 12% commission, this is flexible.**



Workstyle + Expectations

Email is my preferred way to communicate.

It's efficient, keeps a record and keeps me organized. Outside of emergencies for travelers on the ground, I do all scheduled phone calls. If you prefer to handle all communication via phone, I'm probably not a good fit.

What to expect from me

Reasonable turnaround times (few days to a week for initial proposal, unless it's especially complex). 

Detailed itinerary and advice to help you sell. 

Commission paid on time.

Honesty. If it's not something I do well, I'll let you know and recommend another company if I can.

What I expect from you

Comprehensive info on your client. In order to make appropriate suggestions, I'll need to know about your client. Full transparency - if you send in a skimpy request, I will follow up and ask for more before I start working on it.

Look up flights first. I've seen too many perfect itineraries that didn't work out because after all of our hard work, airfare too high.

Budget.  If I send your 30k client a 10K trip, they'll be disappointed. If I send your 10K client a 30K trip, they'll stop returning your calls.

Where they are in the process. Early phase, I can help you excite them. Ready to book, I can expedite it.


Ready to get started?